*Proper dance wear is a must; this includes dance shoes.

*No street shoes or street wear is allowed in the classroom.

*Hair must be worn up during all dance classes.

*Students in classical ballet classes must wear their hair in a bun.

*Do not come to class sick as we want to provide a healthy environment for all students.

*Call the front desk in advance to let us know if you will be absent from class.

*Students are required to participate in the entire class. This includes stretching, progressions and the overall routine. If students refuse to participate in a portion of the class, we will have to ask them to leave the studio.

*No bulky jewelry is allowed to be worn during class.

*Bella Danze Artz is not responsible for lost or stolen items or personal belongings.

*Cover ups are to be worn over dance clothes when entering and exiting the school.

*Children are not allowed to run in the studio, climb on benches and chairs, or enter occupied dance studios. Children who are not in classes must be supervised by an adult.

*Parents must be on time when picking up your child after class. Note: The school closes promptly 10 minutes after the final class of the evening and we are not responsible for your children before or after classes, on or off our premise.

*We are not responsible for any accident or injury that might occur on BDA premise or at any performance venue.

*Registered students must agree to the school’s use of photographic or video graphic images for Bella Danze Artz publicity purposes.



*All tuition is due each month during the first lesson. A $20.00 late fee will be assessed to all payments made after the 10th of the month.

*Tuition is based on 4 weeks per month and expenses are not altered when there are 3 or 5 weeks in a month.

*We accept Master Card, Discover & Visa for tuition and purchases of $10.00 or more.

*If the school is not notified of withdrawal, tuition continues. 

*There is a $20.00 fee for any returned checks for insufficient funds.

*We do not grant financial credit for absences.

*Enrollment comes with the understanding that a space has been reserved for your child.

*In the event that you drop a class, a 30 day written notice is required for your account to be closed.

*Automatic tuition is a service that is encouraged for all students. You simply fill out a Credit Card Charge Form giving us permission to charge your card monthly. On the first day of the month your card will be run for the amount due.  If at any time you would like to stop this service, please contact the front desk. Please know this information is kept in a safe and secure place off the premises.

*All payments can be made at the front desk, mailed in or sent via e-mail.


Please make checks payable to Bella Danze Artz.


Dance is an art, paint your dream & follow it.